Warsaw, Poland

Important Stations

  • Since 2015: PARZER + COLLEGEN GmbH
  • Since 1999: AV Inwestor S.A.
  • 1996-1999: Bank Austria Creditanstalt, Poland
  • 1992-1994: Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment AG (PAlilZ)


  • Donau University & University of California, Los AngelesDegree: Executive Master of Business and Administration (EMBA)
  • Technical University DanzigDegree: Master of Economics

A Short Interview

For how long have you been a partner at BVCG?

Since October 2015.

How did your cooperation with BVCG come about?

The former partner in Poland, Dr. Jacek Fitt, wanted to withdraw and he arranged the contact.

How do you feel about the cooperation of the partners?

Since I have only been there since autumn 2015, I cannot comment on this.

What advantages to you see in the company philosophy of the BVC Group?

I see them exchanging deal proposals for M&A transactions and actively participating in family-run companies throughout our countries. We need an international network to be competitive, and BVCG is taking over this task with an expanding network in more than 10 countries.

What kind of projects are you looking after?

Our focus is on restructuring companies and increasing the company value; real estate transactions; M&A transactions; provision of loans.

Do you have a focus on industries or locations?

I mainly focus on the financial sector and its development. There is still a great need to provide loans to companies in Poland. The trade and real estate sector in Warsaw is growing again. Other areas of growth are food processing, telecommunications, renewable energies and bio-fuels, and the leisure sector.

Where do you see the current focus in your country?

In Poland, the gross domestic product is forecast to grow by 3.8%, the highest in the EU. The macroeconomic factors are stable and positive. Food processing, machinery and innovative industries are in great demand because Poland will have more than EUR 100 billion available in 2015-2021 to support innovation and infrastructure projects.

Where do you think there are interesting cooperation opportunities for Germany and international business partners?

We are looking for reputable venture capital and private equity funds to finance the restructuring and development of medium-sized companies in Poland, which could expand into other EU countries.

Which reference projects have you manged or completed?

I have had many interesting projects in the 15-year history of my company, AV Inwestor SA. Here is a selection:

  • Realization of a housing construction project with a total of 900 apartments
  • Planning and construction of refineries for bio-diesel and food of animal origin
  • We were awarded a special license for our use of GSM frequency by the Polish state
  • Preparing and setting up the consortium for the toll system, viaTOLL — License has been granted for eight years
  • Construction and purchase of the second largest office tower in Poland with 47 floors for an international consortium

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