Project DNHO 02.0282 bridalwear manufacturer with wellknown brand

The company is a family-owned business, well-established in its market and looking back over more than 70 years of history. Based in Germany, the company sells bridal dresses and bridal accessories as well as other related specialized fashion products.
The products are designed in-house. Production is 10% in-house (mainly in order to increase flexibility / allow for bespoke manufacture) and 90% in the Far East where the company’s partners produce in line with the in-house-design made in Germany. The products are sold to established bridal stores all over the world; export share: 50% of the sales.
Due to its excellent market position, the company has a number of interesting growth options. The company’s trademark is European-wide legally protected and the company’s strong brand awareness and positive brand image is highly recognized. Pls mail for further information for project DNHO 02.0282

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