M&A Consulting

Consulting and Search at:

• Corporate Purchasing / Sale

• Procurement Purchasing / Sale

• Supervision MBO / MBI

• Determination of Strategic Options

• Acquisition Finance

This is how you benefit from us:

We accompany you and professionally coordinate the entire process of the company purchase or sale.

Business Advice

• Turn-Around-Management

• Strategy

• Controlling

• Financing Solutions

• Training / Coaching

This is how you benefit from us:

Our skills in the market support you in all phases of your company’s development. We improve business processes to strengthen your competitiveness. The focus is on strategy development and control. We also develop individual training and coaching activities for you.

Renovation — Reorientation

• Crisis Analysis / Immediate Action

• Monitoring the Implementation / Control

• Crisis / Interim Management

This is how you benefit from us:

We support you during difficult phases of business and work together with you to develop a strategy for successful redirection.